Tips To Avoid Weight Gain ....... !!!!

To avoid weight gain here are some tips..

1.Eat small meals and do not starve for long time to maintain your blood sugar level.

2. Keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of water, chaach, lemon water, coconut water.

3. Do not eat fried food instead combine high carbohydrates (such as potato, sabudana, kuttu) with fibrous vegetables like ghiya, pumpkin, spinach.

4. Include more protein in your diet such as paneer, kuttu.

5. Consume samank rice which is easy to digest.

6. For sugar cravings eat fruit raita, samank rice kheer, apple kheer.

7. Do not eat namkeen and fried chips as snack instead have roasted makhana, mixed dried fruits, baked chips.

8. Use skimmed and tonned milk instead of full cream milk.

Have healthy and blessed Navratran.


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