Career Options After B.S.C. BIOLOGY

As many students in graduation with zoology, botany & chemistry are confused about what to do after Bsc. So here I am mentioning some career options.  



Molecular Biologist

Plant Biochemist

Weed Scientist

Science Adviser


Plant Explorer

Forest Ranger

Farming Consultant



Biology Content Developer

Biological Technician




Environmental Science

You can also work in any pathology labs as a microbiologist

Medical laboratories

Testing Laboratories

Seed and Nursery organizations

Agricultural Research Organizations

Hospital Administration

Medical research

Food Institutes

Wildlife and Fishery Departments

Pharmaceutical Companies

Medical Equipment companies

Herbal Products and Life care products manufacturer

You can also go for further studies for better job opportunities like

-Master of Science in Biology
-Master of Science in Biological Sciences
-Master of Science in Applied Biology
-Master of Science in Conservation Biology
-Master of Science in Computational Biology
-Master of Science in Environmental Biology
-Master of Science in Environmental Microbiology
-Master of Science Bio-chemistry
-Master of Science Biomedical Science
-Master of Science Bio-technology
-Master of Science Botany
-Master of Science Food science
-Master of Science Genetics
-Master of Science Molecular Biology
-Master of Science Toxicology
-Master of Science Virology
-Master of Science in Zoology

Choose stream or subject or career option as per your strength and skills. every option has its own importance. So go for what you like and for what you are having a passion.

SOURCE :- Google & Various Education Portals


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