Effectiveness of meditation & positive affirmations

Charge your mind with this effective technique...

First close your eyes then Breath in, breath out,
again breath in, breath out
Repeat it for 5 times...
Now after repeating this keep your eyes close & remember all your past achievements which you have achieved...
Your first day of school, 
Your first friend,
Your first achievement may be small or big,
Your wish which came true,
now remember your next achievement may be small or big
Remember your recent or last achievement which you have achieved
Now observe your confidence, see your face, 
see you confident smile,
Now you are full of confidence.
Now remember what you want to achieve next & focus your mind on it,,, focus, focus, focus.
Now you are full of confidence again, 
You know you can achieve this too...& remember no one can beat your confidence.
Now slowly slowly open your eyes & now go to start again your studies... you will see you are focusing with full concentration on your studies.

Do this again & again when ever you feel discharged....🙂😊😊😊


Vijay Kumar Gupta on May 24, 2018 10:08 am

Very good in a very short steps deep remedy

Vivek chaurasia on May 24, 2018 10:08 am

Bahot hi accha laga isko karne se mai isko apni life me shamil karunga.

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