Relationship Tips For Married Couple

Tips For Wives

  1. Understand the Male Thinking Process as they are governed by logical facts.
  2. Accept the husband's job responsibilities and facilitate his work.
  3. Be his wife first after becoming mother. Spend some quality time with your husband every day.
  4. Create a happy environment at home when he returns from work front.
  5. Listen to his point of view before arguing him or cutting accross him.
  6. Do not constantly remind him of his past failures. Men are very sensitive when it comes to past memories.
  7. Be his shoulder to lean on, as he need your emotional strength and support.

Tips For Husbands

  1. Understand the Female Thinking Process as they are governed by emotions.
  2.  Accept the wife's responsibilities at home and try to ease out things for her.
  3. Be her husband first, after becoming father , boss etc. Spend soem quality time with your wife everyday.
  4. Ask your wife about her day. Communication is very important in relationship.
  5. Show your appreciation. Learn to appreciate your woman.
  6. Respect your lady love. Value her in your life.
  7. Protect her. Respect her feelings. Be there when she needs you and let her see that you are there to support her. 


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