Spondylitis - Homeopathic Remedies That Enable Its Treatment!

Spondylitis, or cervical spondylitis, is a common condition that affects a large section of the adult population. This most common disorder of the cervical spine is a degenerative condition. There are soft disks between the vertebral bones which shrink with age and gets stiff. This leads to formation of small bone spurs. This reduces the space available for the disk to move, causing nerve pinching.


Ageing is the most common cause for spondylitis. Injury, incorrect sleeping posture, and heavy weight-lifting can also cause spondylitis. While earlier it was common in people who were 60-plus, with more people spending more time at their computers and workstations, the onset happens much earlier in 30s and sometimes even in 20s.


Most symptoms related to spondylitis are centered on the neck and shoulder regions. There is pain and stiffness in the neck that can extend to the shoulders, nape of the neck, arms, and sometimes even the fingers. In rare cases, the pain can extend into the forehead and back of the head too. Associated symptoms include numbness, weakness, and a pricking sensation in the hands, arms, and sometimes fingers.

Homeopathy treats the root of the issue after taking into account all symptoms. Homeopathic treatment is based on the symptoms exhibited by the patient’s physical and mental health as a whole. Thus, it is a holistic form of treatment. Unlike allopathic drugs, homeopathy does not follow a one size fits all approach and medication must always be customized to the patient’s need. This implies that a remedy that works for one person may not be as effective for another. 

Hence, one must never self-medicate with homeopathy but must consult a homeopathic doctor. Homeopathic remedies for spondylitis indications vary with symptoms. For example, in case person is having these symptoms-

  • There is neck pain along with vertigo when lying down or turning in bed.
  • There is constant mild pain in the back of the head and a tight sensation in the forehead region.

Homeopathic medicine prescribed for this case A 

1. If a patient comes with this symptom - When the neck pain is worse in the morning and with rest, Moving the neck helps relieve this pain, which is often as a result of some injury. Medicine B will be great option. 

2. If these are the symptoms then medicine will be different. When there is pain extending from the neck to the arm and hand and fingers, There may also be pain from the nape of the neck to the shoulder blades. The pain is increased with leaning forwards or looking down. The patient may also have nausea with the pain. 

3. Same in this case when there is pain extending from the neck to the back of the head, centering in the occipital region. The patient also feels weak, dull, and dizzy. The pain is triggered by emotional excitement. 

4. When there is pain extending from the neck to the eyes and forehead, the patient will have intolerance to cold and feels chilly. The pain is improved by heat pads and lying down.in this case medicine will be different.

5. If the radiographs show bony changes in the cervical spine with the spondylitis, this is very useful. The bony spurs that form can be painful and cause nerve pinching leading to vertigo.

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