Chronic Kidney - How Homeopathy Is The Ideal Way Of Treating It?

The kidneys may appear as small organs but perform many vital functions in our body. Their most important function is that they purify blood by filtering wastes and excreting them from the body in the form of urine. Loss of kidney function is termed as chronic kidney disease. This is a disease that progresses slowly and if left untreated, it can be fatal. In the case of pregnant women, it can affect the health of the mother and the baby. Sadly, the symptoms of this condition are very mild and hence often go undetected. These can include increased urination at night, blood in the urine, loos of appetite, tiredness, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath.

Some of the most common causes of chronic kidney disease are high blood pressure, diabetes, polycystic kidney disease, and recurrent kidney infections. Homeopathy has proved to be very effective in treating chronic kidney disease. This is a holistic form of medication that addresses the root cause of the disease and hence treats the symptoms and keeps it from recurring.

For example, when treating chronic kidney disease caused by high blood pressure, the homeopathic remedy given will address the kidneys as well as reduce blood pressure. A homeopathic remedy is based not only on the symptoms exhibited but also on the patients’ physical, mental and emotional state of being. Thus, two patients with the same symptoms may not always be prescribed the same medication. For this reason, though homeopathy has negligible side effects, one should not self-medicate. One should also not change the dosage or frequency of medication prescribed without consulting a homeopathic doctor. Homeopathy for chronic kidney disease can be prescribed to pregnant women as well as children and adults of all ages.

Common homeopathic medicines for kidney disease include Ammonium carbonicum, Cuprum Arsenicosum, Apis mellifica, Arsenic album, Aurum metallicum. These medicines are made from naturally occurring plant, animal, and mineral substances. It could be prescribed in the form of pills, liquids or powders and must be taken at least 1 hour before or after eating anything. This form of medication is often prescribed along with a few lifestyle changes. When it comes to chronic kidney disease, a low protein diet is often advised. This minimizes the amount of waste being created in the body and thus reduces pressure on the kidneys. The patient will also be advised to drink small amount of water at frequent interval to help the kidneys function more effectively.

There are many homeopathic medicine to treat kidney disease but the selection of medicine vary from patient to patient. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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