Importance of Relationship

Relationship are a very important part of our life, as they are very sensitive but still dey bring us great happiness and make us a complete person. Everyone need some one in their life whom dey can share each and every moment of dere life, to whom dey want to spend dere life. Relationship doesn't only means husband wife, or couples. Relationship means every relation which exist in our world. Relationship may be of Parents, Relation may be of Boss and employee, Relation may be of Friends. Relation may be of Mother and child, any kind of relationship which we are having, playing a important role in everyone's life.

The bonding and strong connection with our loved ones either friends, colleagues, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents and their children, husband wife should be healthiest and most productive. For many people these relationships offers a source of advice, guidance, love and support. Although relationships are very demanding, dey need extra care and attention for a long lasting happiness, but we forget that relationship is not a business of Give and Take. Its a very sweet attachment of feeling where you just have to deliver love and care, nothing more dan this.

Every relationship faces ups and downs, but sometimes they get stuck and its hard to talk about things happening or to get a positive solution. Sometimes person is not wrong, circumstances are not in a favor of that person. So we can't blame dat person to ruin d relation. kabhi kabhi jo hum dekhte hai wo sach nahi hota hai , situations humesha same nahi hoti hai isliye relationship ko bahut politely handle karna hota hai. If some thing is not working in your relationship dat dosen't means yu give up . Agr aapko relationship me give up hi karna tha then think about it, why yu hold dis relation for a long tym. Issues sabk saath aate hai iska means ye nai aap ek beautiful relation ko end kar do. True love bahut rare milta hai kisi ko. To run away from issues dts nt a solution.

If we talk about love relation, when we start falling in love wid some one we are blind in love of dat person widout assuming the future prospect. Let me tell you one thing, if yu r falling in love dat means yu are attached wid that person wid feelings, your are not doing tym paas wid them. Everybody knows about the culture, tradition and family values as per dere choices. It varies person to person and various casts. Cast should never b a issue in any relationship. No one can assure yu dat if yu are going to marry in your own caste you will spend your life smoothly. When you are in a relationship, your both have understanding, you know about likings and disliking, common hobbies and habits, wishes, dreams and so on.

Problem aati hai parents ki side se. I will never suggest anyone to do marriage against parents or widout having blessings of your parents. Try to convence them. Every parents wishes a good future for dere child, wo hamara bhala chahte hai, bura nai coz dey love us, dey hav more experience of life dan us. But its also nt true dt dey may always b ryt. Might b possible dt jo partner unhne choose kiya wo b galat ho sakta hai . We have many examples of Dowry cases. So No one can't predict future. parents b yhi fault karte hai bachho ki khusi ko neglect kar dete hai , uss condition me ya to bachhe unk against ho jaate hai aur wo apne bachho ko kho dete hai , yha fir bacche parents ki baat maan k apni life ko sacrifice kar dete hai. Life sacrifice kark nahi jee jaa sakti hai . Life ko enjoy kiya jaata hai. So better go for gud choice not for caste. Plz caste ko issue bana k ache partners ko mat kho do.

Most of the tyms parents are not assured about our choice. They strictly reject our choice. In dt case dnt give up. Take a stand about your choice and decision, and try to convence dem. They are your parents. They will definitely understand what you want to say. And how you have to convence its upto you coz you both want to stay together, and you both have to spend life, so take a stand of your partner and concence them.

One problem is also noticed that many couples says that they love each other, they want to stay together but they don't marry because of issue mentioned above. Every person is very familiar about the perception of parents for there life partner. Dey always let us remind that you hav to go for arrange marriage and for similar caste as per our choice. In that case many couples says that we will stay together in present, what so ever be the future. Please don't do suc idiotic thing. If yu know that your parent will not allow you to do so and yu are not such capable to take a stand for your decision then please dnt fall in such relation. It will spoil 4 lifes. Two of yours and two your partners whom yu gonna marry. Love happens once not twice. Twice is only sacrifice.

Relations are very beautiful and sensitive. Don't Spoil It. It should be handle with care. Respect your partner, Demand less love more. show your care and concern time to time for strong bonding. If you are sophisticated and unable to express yourself in words, then express yourself in written form . Its a best way to express your views and feelings. But the thing is that express love not relation.


Problems which are faced in a Relationship


  • Lack of Trust and Faith
  • Fear of being Betrayed or having multiple affair
  • Jealousy
  • Lack Of Communication
  • Over Arguments
  • Over Possession
  • Financial Issues
  • Work Related Stress
  • Abusive Behavior and Disrespect 
  • Sexual issues and Dissatisfaction of Your Partner
  • Different Goals, Values and Priorities
  • Different Culture and Tradition
  • Controlling Behavior
  • Domestic Violence
  • Alcoholism
  • Inter cast Relation and cross culture
  • Lack Of Understanding
  • lack of Time Spending Together
  • Lack of Importance and attention and Care
  • Family Conflicts
  • Disappointment with the partner
  • Expectations
  • Feeling Lonely and Neglected



Aim of Relationship Counseling

Now here is where you need help from some one who can show you right path and right solution of your issues. So comes the role of expert and skilled Relationship Counselor. Whether you feel that nothing is going right for you, or nothing is going to work for you, we are here to support you towards a positive solution and healthy solution.

Whatever be the relationship issue, our counseling service will be delivered through counseling session with you and your partner or with you alone if you prefer. The session will take 20-50 minutes to understand your issues as well as to deliver proper solutions. he session will be face to face and are completely confidential.

We will try to explore your needs and what you expect from your partner, while offering support and advice to help them get their relationship back on smooth way and lovable one.

We will try to resolve conflicts in between both of yu. We will communicate in a more constructive way.

 This is all......


Hope you never need a counselor for your relation.

Its your relation, no one can understand better than you.


So stay blessed ...

Deliver lots of Love and Enjoy ...


Catch you Soon

With lots of Solutions and Advice


Thanks All


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